Return Policy

All products purchased are guaranteed by the manufacture company.
Orders that you think have been damaged during the transportation, open them and make sure that they are undamaged in the presence of the company that delivered the goods. If there is any damage, write a report to the shipping company and do not receive the goods. Do not forget that when goods are received, this means that you have recognized the good and full performance of the shipping company.
The return request for the goods whose cover has been opened, used or damaged shall not be accepted.
The buyer is obliged to pay any loss in the commercial value since he receives the product and in case of any damage resulting from misuse.

If the buyer returns or cancels the order, the goods’ value will be returned within 10 days of receipt. The return of goods through the credit card by the bank may last from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, and our company is not responsible for this period.
Goods that comply with the following terms are returned, knowing that the buyer is obliged to pay the shipping fees.
Returning the transfers may last 2 or 3 work days. The bank may not return the value on the same day, in this case, you can check the customer service at the bank. Goods value is returned to the credit card or to the bank by which the transfer has been done after 'Canceled' sign appear on your purchases list. The goods purchased by installments are returned by transferring a monthly amount to your credit card.